Sleeping Human Cat


BEBE The Cat 0652

When in front of people, BEBE often slept with her paws curled under her, the perfect image of a cat..



BEBE The Cat 0653

However, as time goes by, BEBE pays less attention to her surroundings and started sleeping like this.



BEBE The Cat 0660

It’s almost like a human lives inside her. By the way, she sometimes snores too.



BEBE The Cat 0668

BEBE: How rude! No way I snore!
BEBE: アタシがイビキなんてかくわけないじゃない!失礼ネ!・・・



BEBE The Cat 0362

BEBE: Zzzzzz (sound of snoring…)
BEBE: ・・・グーグーグー・・・

 - BEBE The Cat

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